The collectorate office Bastar is located near the Chandaiah Memorial Church. It is 1.5 km from the bus stand and 2.3 km from the railway station Jagdalpur.

The Collectorate play a pivotal role in the District administration. Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S heads the District. He acts as the District Magistrate for maintaining Law and Order in his jurisdiction. Various offices are being executed inside Collectorate buildings Bastar. Which are as follows

Details of the rooms of various branch offices of the District Office
Room No. Name of the Office Room No. Name of the Office Room No. Name of the Office
1 Collector Bastar 2 Waiting Room 3 Superintendent of Office
4 Treasury accounting room 5 Strong Room 6 Treasury Record Room
7 Treasury Gaurd Room 8 Tiolets 9 Treasury officer room and computer room
10 Treasury Bill Counter & Staff Room 11  Incharge Officer Revenue and revenue Section 12 Sub-divisional Officer (Revenue) Room
13 Court Sub-divisional Officer (Revenue) 14 Additional Space 15 Election store room
16 Deputy Election Officer 17 Election Section 18 Main Entrance 
19 Food Department 20 Food Officer Section 21 Najool Section
22 Deputy Collector 23 Protocol Office 24 Court Additional Collector 
25 Deputy Collector 26 Inbound-outward / Typographical and Wireless Cells 27 General Administration
28 Finance Section/Officer Incharge Finance 29 Najarat Section 30 Stainsheel Section
31 Tiolets 32 Gaurd Room 33 Astha Hall
34 District Informatics Centre Bastar  35 Steno to Collector 36 Single Widow(Grievances)
37 Assistant Collector (Probationary) 38 Collector Court 39 Additional Collector
40 Steno to Additional Collector 41 Diversion Section 42 Landrecord Store room
43 Landrecord Section 44 Excise Store Room 45 Election Store Room
46 Antyavyavsai and 20 Points 47 District Excise Officer 48 Excise Office
49 Registration Section 50 Tiolets 51 Assistant Commissioner Tribal Welfare
52 Mining Section/Mining Officer 53 Tribal developmet account section 54 Assistant Commissioner Tribal Welfare
55 Tribal Welfare Office 56 English Record Room 57 Hindi Record Room
58 Store and Prapatra Section 59 Prerna Hall