The hotels in the district are available in district headquarters Jagdalpur. However, there are  official guest houses of PWD and Forest Department  are available in  the district.

Name  Address Department/Private Contact Number
Circuit House Near Central  Jail,Jagdalpur-494001 PWD  
Rest House  Chitrakote,Lohandiguda Dist- Bastar -494001 PWD  
Rest House (Forest department) Aasna,Jagdalpur-494001 Forest Department  
Dandami Madiya Resort Chitrakote,Lohandiguda Dist- Bastar -494001 Tourism   
Hotel Devansh Residencey  Chandani Chowk,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-221133 / 223399
Hotel Laxman Avenue Murti Line,Jagdalpur-494001   Private  
Hotel Akansha Motitalab Para,Jagdalpur-494001 Private  07782-222349, 9329657771
Hotel Suri International Guru Govind Singh Chowk,Geedam Road,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-221375, 9425261011
Hotel Naman Bastar Chitrakote Road, Village -Palli,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-204901, 9300385700
Hotel Ashoka Near New Bus Stand,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-222966
Hotel Akash Near Collectorate office ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-222699, 9425258893
Hotel Rain Basera New Bus Stand Road, Ghandhi Nagar ward,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 9993833448
Mona Lodge Chandani Chowk ,Circuit House Road ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-222289
Hotel Bastariya Chandani Chowk ,Circuit House Road ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-223131 / 231014
Hotel Poonam  Chandani Chowk, Circuit House Road ,Jagdalpur-494001  Private 07782-222393 / 225176
Hotel Gopika Chandani Chowk ,Circuit House Road,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-223086
Hotel parth Palace Infront of Jamal Mill ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-237612, 9926122246
Hotel Atithi Inn New Bus Stand Road , Near Railway Station,Jagdalpur- Private 07782-225275 / 2242947
Hotel Reekha New Bus Stand Road , Near Railway Station,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 07782-231148, 9407718202
Hotel Goyal Dharamshala   Near New Bus Stand,Jagdalpur-494001   Private 9425258039
Hotel Rainbow Nayapara,Hatha Ground ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 094334 67430
Hotel naman Heights Aghanpur ,Dharampura Road,Jagdalpur-494001 Private  077822 91355
Hotel ravi Residency Nayapara ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 077822 31521
Hotel Balsubhramanyam  Chandani Chowk,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 096177 87714
Hotel Anand Niwas  Motitalab Para ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private 077822 22560
Hotel Gaurav  Motitalab Para ,Jagdalpur-494001 Private  
Ganpati Resort National Highway – 6, Dhurguda Road, Jagdalpur-494001 Private 077822 37919