Kotumsar Cave


Kotumsar cave was initially named Gopansar cave (Gopan = hidden) but the present name Kotumsar became more popular as the cave is located near a village named ‘Kotumsar’. Kotumsar cave is located near Jagdalpur in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. Kotumsar cave is a major attraction for people interested in ecotourism.

It is a limestone cave formed on the Kanger limestone belt, situated near the bank of the River Kanger, a tributary of the Kolab River. The entrance coordinates are 18052’09”N; 81056’05” E (WGS 84) and it lies at an altitude of 560 m above sea level. A vertical fissure in the wall of a hill serves as the main entry for the cave, and from there for the convenience of tourists a concrete path has been made extending to the end of the cave. The main tunnel of the cave is nearly 200 m long with several lateral and downward passages. Various types of speleothems offer panoramic views . Air and water temperatures are relatively stable with an annual average of 28.25 ± 1.23 and 26.33 ± 0.96 °C, respectively (range = 25.0–32.7_C for air; 22.9–29.3 °C for water).

The cave is subject to frequent flooding during the monsoon season, which generally begins in the middle of June and continues until the middle of October. The site is closed to tourists during this period. Various water pools fed by seepage throughout the year also exist in this cave.

  • Kutumbsar Cave
  • Kutumbsar Cave
  • Kutumbsar Cave
  • Kutumbsar Cave
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How to Reach:

By Air

Bastar has its own Airport which is operated by State Government under UDAN Scheme . At present the AIRODISHA has operating flights from Jagdalpur to Raipur and Jagdalpur to Vishakapatnam. The nearest airport accessible is in Raipur, approximately 300 km away from Bastar. Many Airplane operators operate regular flights from here connecting it to all the major cities. Prepaid taxis are easily available from the Raipur Airport to Jagdalpur.

By Train

Jagdalpur a district headquarter of Bastar district is well connected to the Vishakapatnam and Raipur by railways. Jagdalpur railway station is operated by East Coast Railway. This Railway line is the primary source of iron ore transport from NMDC bacheli to Vishapakatnam. At present Vishakapatnam -Kirandul Passenger (58501), Durg -Jagdalpur Express (18211), Hawrah-Koraput Express (18005), Hirakhand Express (18448) and Vishakapatnam-Jagdalpur(Night Express) are operational from Jagdalpur.

By Road

Regular bus services, whether express or sleeper based, ply to and fro the city of Jagdalpur (Bastar). They operate on a daily basis, through a well-connected network of national highways such as NH 30 . The other state bus transporters also operates such as TSRTC (Jagdalpur-Hyderabad), APRTC(Jagdalpur -Vishakapatnam,Vijayawada,Rajmundry),OSRTC etc.